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Puzzle No.12

Puzzle: Battleship
Author: Rohan Rao




Rohan said...

How long did you take to solve it?
Post your timings here.

Rohan said...

I solved it in 12m 20s.

Its a really good Battleship puzzle, got stuck up after finding the big ones.

Anonymous said...

If you really want to add to the Internet's collective knowledge, you might want to explain how you solved it. That would be much more interesting than just being told you solved it. Did you use any cool logic to place a ship or reveal a square?

Edderiofer said...

Barely took 2 minutes. The secret is to consider (rot13) ubj znal fuvc cnegf ner pyhrq va, naq ubj znal fuvc cnegf gurer ner va gbgny.