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Contest for Best Logic Innovative Puzzle

Serbian Puzzle Association held a contest for best logic innovative puzzle. The contest ended on 1st of September 2009. The winner receives 50 euro prize.

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I was the guest referee. I thank Nikola Zivanovic for giving me this opportunity.
There were really nice puzzles by the participants.


1. Fleat In Fenced Octopus (Dragan Tolomanoski) - 38
2. Hexa Briquet (Cedomir Milanovic) - 29
3. Labyrinth Sudoku (Jiri Hrdina) - 26
4. Almost There (Anurag Sahay) - 19
5. Chaos (Volkan Dilber) - 17
6. Arrow Path (Jiri Hrdina) - 15
7. Roman Skyscrapers (Dragan Tolomanoski) - 10
8. Pentawords (Cedomir Milanovic) - 9
9. Roofs (Salih Alan) - 9
10. Knights Loop Sudoku (Rakhel Kumar Parida) - 8

Indian participants

4. Almost There (Anurag Sahay) - 19
10. Knights Loop Sudoku (Rakhel Kumar Parida) - 8
11. Burroshima (Anurag Sahay) - 8
12. Network (Rajesh Kumar) - 6
12. Double Skyscrapers (Rajesh Kumar) - 6
15. Heavy Top Skyscrapers (Rajesh Kumar) - 5
16. Minesweepers In Loop (Rajesh Kumar) - 4
17. Palindrome ABCD End View (Rajesh Kumar) - 2
17. Corral 2009 (Anurag Sahay) - 2

Complete Results

There were totally 26 puzzles by 9 participants.
Congrats to everyone!


1. Fleat In Fenced Octopus (Dragan Tolomanoski) - 38
Connect some dots with one single line in such a way that you get the shape of an octopus which takes squares in every row and column. Numbers inside the grid represents all fields which have the same numbers of fence that surround them and the neighbouring fields in which octopus is (including numbered field). Body of octopus never takes 2x2 area After that, put standard fleat in the octopus, in such a way that ships dont touch each other, not even diagonally, if the numbers outside the grid represent the total of ship segments in belonging direction. Ships can take fields with number, too.


This was undoubtedly the best puzzle of the contest as two out of the three judges gave 15 points, while the 3rd judge gave 8 points.


Rohan Rao said...

A very nice competition, with some great puzzles...

Results to be announced soon.

kap said...

i saw the winner's puzzle. it is good but it's a mixture of existing puzzles. you were in the jury, right? was there a really new, innovative puzzle?