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Rules of 'Queen Sudoku'

Place numbers in the grid such that every row, column and 3x3 box contain the numbers 1 to 9. One number (usually '9') in the grid is a chess Queen. Two Queens cannot be placed along the same row, column or diagonal of any length.




Rohan Rao said...

Usually the number '9' is given as the Queen, but sometimes, the puzzles are such that you need to find the Queen and solve it!

Deb said...

What about this puzzle that you have posted?

Rohan Rao said...

All 'Examples' of puzzles are easy versions of the puzzle type.

Its an easy example so that even people who are new to it get a fair chance of solving it.

'9' is Queen, and is given beside 'Example'.

I'll try making one where you need to find out the Queen :-)

(I had made a 6x6 Queen Sudoku for Speed Sixes but chose 'Knight Sudoku' over it as it was 'my' sudoku variation :-) )

Deb said...

Sorry, didn't realize the 9 next to the word EXAMPLE