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Indian Puzzle Championship - October 2010 Monthly Test

Logic Masters India announces the October 2010 Puzzle Test 'Nikoli Selection'. It was held on 9th-10th October.
The author of the puzzles are Tom Collyer (detuned).

Contest Page

Download Instruction Booklet
Download Puzzle Booklet 1
Password is New_nIkOliiSbeST
Download Puzzle Booklet 2
Password is nIkOliiSbeST

The list of puzzles that appeared in the test are:

1. Akari
2. Fillomino
3. Hashi
4. Heyawake
5. Hitori
6. Kakuro
7. Lits
8. Masyu
9. Numberlink
10. Nurikabe
11. Shikaku
12. Slitherlink
13. Sudoku
14. Surarumo
15. Yajilin

View Results here

There were totally 151 participants.
Congrats to everyone!

1 comment:

Rohan Rao said...

Puzzles were very good, but as I was one of the 1st ones to solve it, I didn't know of the mistakes :|