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Logic Masters India - March 2011 Sudoku Test

Logic Masters India announces the March Sudoku Test 'Spring'. It was held on 26th-27th March, 2011.
The author of the puzzles are Sylvain Caudmont, Timothy Doyle, Geoffroy Hermelin, Laurent Pierre, Frederic Stalder and Bastien Vial-Jaime.

Championship Page
Download Instruction Booklet
Download Puzzle Booklet
Password is Carla20Bley3

The list of sudokus that appeared in the test are:

1. Alpha-Frame Sudoku
2. Classic Sudoku (Solving Techniques)
3. Consecutive Sudoku
4. Greater Than Killer Sudoku
5. Sudoku-Kurve
6. Arrow Sudoku
7. Sundoku
8. Extra Region Sudoku
9. Jigsaw Wordoku
10. Mixed Sudoku
11. Killer 0-8 Sudoku
12. Double Sum Sudoku


1. Thomas Snyder (USA) - 954
2. Michael Ley (Germany) - 946
3. Jason Zuffranieri (USA) - 868
4. Hideaki Jo (Japan) - 846
5. Tiit Vunk (Estonia) - 841
6. Kota Morinishi (Japan) - 837
7. Nikola Zivanovic (Serbia) - 835
8. Jakub Hrazdira (Czech Republic) - 795
9. Florian Kirch (Germany) - 793
10. WaterlooMathie (Canada) - 776

Best Indians

12. Rohan Rao - 697
14. Rishi Puri - 675
18. Rakesh Rai - 575
35. Amit Sowani - 470
40. Ritesh Gupta - 440

Complete Results

A very interesting set of sudokus. I liked Sundoku the best among the dozen and it will be interesting to see how it is put to good use, I'm sure the 'Francophone Authors' will live up to my expectations :-)

I've never performed well when the range of the points distribution is relatively large. Having 10 sudokus in the 0-100 point range and the other two in the 140-160 category is bound to trouble me. Some jinx I guess.

But, I'm looking forward to this test, especially since its a light weekend for me and I hope I can crack the dozen within 2hrs.

Good luck to all participants!

What a beautiful set of sudokus! The test was well-timed, but a little difficult for ameteur solvers. Also, no one was able to solve all sudokus correctly, which was surprised me.

Alpha Frame, Classic and Consecutive were nice and easy.
Greater than Killer was wonderfully constructed. I made a dangerous error early on while solving, 1>2>3... Was lucky to catch this goof within a minute.
Sudokukurve is one variant that I loathe. I solved it only because it was the end, and the only other variant remaining was the Killer in which I wasn't getting good progress.
Arrow and Sundoku were again nicely made, both solvable logically.
Extra Region was fantastic to solve. The use of the four-number groups (of the region and corresponding row/column) was all that was needed to crack this puzzle.
Jigsaw is again not one of favourites, especially when there are letters, but I managed to solve it without a scratch.
Mixed Sudoku was lovely. I rate it the best of this set. I just loved the way the solution went from bottom to top.
Killer 0-8 was the only puzzle I didn't solve. Didn't get any headway and it seems to be a tough one as mentioned by others in the forum.
Double Sum. This was a smile-maker and a heart-breaker. I started the test with this sudoku and solved it in about 15 minutes. I was glad with the speedy start only to be disappointed later by an error in the answer. Damn! I missed a chance to be 4th!

Overall, an amazing weekend for puzzles... great job by the authors and looking forward to the next set of sudokus as always!


Fred76 said...

Rohan, thanks for your feedback on the puzzles !
I'm sorry of being author of sudokurve ! I say I'm sorry because I am not very comfortable when I must solve these puzzle. I'm not fast on these...
That's why I create some : I think it's one way to get better with one type of puzzle.


Rohan Rao said...

Yes, you are right. Creating a puzzle type always makes you wiser about its strategies. Maybe I should follow suit :-)

The only reason I dont like sudokukurve is because I am very slow at it and I am rarely able to solve it logically. Otherwise I think its a nice variant.

L'ours said...

Thanks for the feedback Rohan. I am sorry that you couldn't solve the killer 0-8, which was indeed a bit tough but had a nice (I think) solving path to follow. If I can find some time during the coming days, I will post something about it (probably on my blog).

Congrats for your good results, by the way.


Rohan Rao said...

Thanks Bastien. Amazing work on the test. I solved the Killer 0-8 later, and I'm glad I didn't attempt it in the test. No offence, but I took quite some time to crack it, even without pressure :-)
But its a nice puzzle, good enough for me to recommend it as one of the best Killer variants.