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Logic Masters India - October 2011 Sudoku Test

Logic Masters India announces the October 2011 Sudoku Test 'A or B'. It will be held on 1st-2nd October, 2011.
The author of the puzzles is Deb Mohanty.

Championship Page
Download Instruction Booklet
Download Puzzle Booklet
Password will be available when you start the test.

The list of sudokus that will appear in the test are:

Odd Sudoku
Extra Region Sudoku
Greater Sudoku
Lesser Sudoku
Even Sudoku
Small Neighbours Sudoku
Sequence Sudoku
Palindrome Sudoku
Marked Quadro Sudoku
Multiplication Table Sudoku
Neighbouring Sudoku
Sum 10 Sudoku
Multiple Sudoku
Touchy Sudoku
Antiknight Sudoku
XV Sudoku
Kropki Sudoku
Consecutive Sudoku
Fiver Sudoku
Skyscraper Sudoku
Outside Sudoku
Odd/Even View Sudoku

Please read the instructions carefully. This is a different type of sudoku test.

Results will be declared on 3rd October.

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