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Rules of 'Hitori'

Paint out some cells such that there are no duplicate numbers in any row or column. Painted cells cannot share an edge. All the unpainted cells must be connected horizontally or vertically in a single group.




Rohan said...

Hitori is also called 'All Alone'.

I like this puzzle, its always fun to solve them, most of them are quite easy once you get a start.

BHAJAN PARTAP Sekhon said...

Yes I did manage so the Hitori one I did in 15 Mins the other was fastest 10 Mins whole puzzle done do you want to see speed 10 Mins the time Guinness Record I did it

BHAJAN PARTAP Sekhon said...

Now look out my new Hitori Alpha or the all new Alphabets instead usual Numerically done here my own logic creative ideas now as a rough copy Excel Template soon some puzzle books or web also rocking idea my own already solved some watch your eyes might pop out seeing my Hitori Alpha its my own idea worth a copyright legally done.

BHAJAN PARTAP Sekhon said...

Hi Rohan Rao same here dude love creating them not solving Rohan dude in creating a puzzle you need more brains than already there so my Hitori Alpha is all set with sizes 8x8 10x10 12x12 and 14x14 dimensions you start same like me puzzles creation brain runs faster 80% to 100%