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Rules of 'Kropki'

Place numbers of the given range in the grid such that each number appears in every row and column exactly once. If the absolute difference between two digits in neighbouring cells equals 1, then they're separated by a white dot. If the digit in a cell is half of the digit in a neighbouring cell, then they're separated by a black dot. The dot staying between '1' and '2' can have any of these dots.

EXAMPLE: (1~4)



Rohan said...

Kropki is one of the most popular and sudoku-type puzzles.
Kropki can be easily solved once you get a start, but at times, getting the correct start can take really long!

Anonymous said...

How does one start a Kropki puzzle? How do you put the first number and why?

Rohan Rao said...

Most Kropki puzzles dont have any given digits inside.

You may begin (with a guess) on a long series of dots, where you quickly get one number after another. This is a quick method of getting numbers rather than staring at the puzzle and thinking.

You can use some tricks like, a 5 and a 7 can never occur in a cell having a dot.
Also, the inverse rule is very essential and useful.