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Indian Sudoku Championship - Mock Test 3

The 3rd mock test in preparation for the Indian Sudoku Championship-2009 was held on 14th December, 2008 from 15.00 - 16.40 IST.
It was organised by Gaurav Korde.

The list of sudokus that appeared in the test are:

1. Classic Sudoku
Diagonal Sudoku
3. Extra-Region Sudoku
4. Sum Sudoku
5. Irregular Sudoku
6. Trio Sudoku
7. Consecutive Sudoku
8. Battleship Sudoku
9. Circular Sudoku
10. Skyscraper Sudoku
11. Product Frame Sudoku
12. Kropki Sudoku
13. Numeral Sudoku


1. Yuhei Kusui (Japan) - 990
2. Nikola Zivanovic (Serbia) - 784
3. Rishi Puri (India) - 675
4. Lovely Krishna (India) - 639
5. Ritesh Gupta (India) - 629
6. Rohan Rao (India) - 600
7. Amit Sowani (India) - 600
8. Himanshu Mittal (India) - 595
9. Minfang Lin (China) - 595
10. Tejal Phatak (India) - 565

There were totally 27 participants.
Congrats to everyone!


Rohan said...

Gaurav Korde is one of the top puzzlers of India. He represented India at the World Sudoku Championship held in March-08.

I'm sure he'll organise a good mock and all of us will enjoy our lazy Sunday afternoon!

Sharpen your pencils and gear up for the coming Sunday :)

Anonymous said...

lolz... yes hope you all enjoy it. I am looking forward to your MT as well.


Rohan said...

The puzzles were really good and it was an enjoyable Sunday afternoon!

Anonymous said...

myself preeti
can u please let me know when is the indian national sudoku championship 2009 going to be held?
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