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Sudoku Tournament by Ours Brun (Bastien VIAL-JAIME)

Bastien VIAL-JAIME (Ours Brun) organised a sudoku tournament for all you sudoku fans!
The 'Tournoi de l'ours' was held on 23rd May, 2009 at 07:30 GMT (13:00 IST).

There was no instruction booklet before the tournament and no information was revealed concerning the puzzles. It is not a championship, the purpose isn’t to determine who is 'the best', its just a fun tournament! (by Ours Brun)

The tournament consisted of 10 puzzles, all of them variants of sudoku. Some of them were classic variants, usually seen in championships while others were variants created by Ours Brun.

The tournament lasted 2hrs (for maximum points), but answers could be sent for 24hrs (lesser points).

Answers sent between 0hrs and 2hrs after the beginning of the tournament will give you 100% of initial points. Answers sent between 2hrs and 4hrs after the beginning of the tournament will give you 25% of intial points. Answers sent between 4hrs and 24hrs after the beginning of the tournament will give you 10% of initial points.
eg: A 100 point sudoku will give you 100 points if you submit your answer before 09:30 GMT (15:00 IST). The same sudoku will give you 25 points if you submit your answer between 09:30 - 11:30 GMT (15:00 - 17:00 IST). The same sudoku will give you 10 points if you submit your answer after 11:30 GMT (17:00 IST) before 24th May, 07:30 GMT (13:00 IST). You get the points only if your answers are correct!

1. If all codes were sent back (and were correct) within 2 hours, each minute saved had a 10 point bonus.
2. If all codes were sent back (and were correct) within 24 hours, a 100 point bonus was given.

The list of sudokus that appeared in the tournament were:

1. Odd-Even Sudoku
2. Diagonal Sudoku
3. Diamond Sudoku
4. Windoku
5. Anti-Killer Sudoku
6. Consecutive Sudoku
7. Chained Sudoku
8. Enemy Regions Sudoku
9. Lesser Than 15 Sudoku
10. Greater Than Killer Sudoku


1. Frederique Rogeaux (France) - 862.5
2. Marie Benediktova (Czech Republic) - 774
3. Rohan Rao (India) - 735
4. Olivier Rubio (France) - 714
5. Jason Zuffranieri (USA) - 669
6. Nikola Zivanovic (Serbia) - 600
7. Fred Stalder (Switzerland) - 571.5
8. Elena Mazzini (Italy) - 429
9. Tejal Phatak (India) - 412.5
10. Bojana Vojnovic (Serbia) - 400

Indian participants

3. Rohan Rao (India) - 735
9. Tejal Phatak (India) - 412.5
13. Rakesh Rai (India) - 285

Complete Results

There were totally 29 participants.
Congrats to everyone!


L'ours said...

Hello Rohan,

The tournament will be held at 7:30 GMT, not 9:30 ! 9:30 is local hour in France/Swiss (GMT+2).

Please correct it. ;-)

Another thing : the password will not only be posted on the forum, but also sent by e-mail.

Thanks again for your help.

Rohan Rao said...

It is 07:30 GMT... and not 09:30 GMT.

It is correctly posted.

Fred76 said...

Difficult grids !

But very fun tournament :)

Merci Bastien !


Jason said...

What did you think, Rohan? Here are my rankings:

Great: Greater than Killer, Lesser than 15, Enemy Regions, Diagonal

Good: Diamond, Odd/Even

Tedious: Extra Regions, Anti-Killer, Consecutive

I may not understand: Chained

Much thanks to the organizers!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rohan for giving timing information about these championships. I missed this championship. Can you please send me the test file and password for the file.

Also there seems to be some problem with "" on your blog. Do check this out.

Rohan Rao said...

This is for you Jason...

Great: GT Killer, Anti-Killer, Lesser Than 15 (I loved this variation)

Good: Diagonal, Extra-Regions, Consecutive

Average: Odd-Even, Enemy Regions, Diamond

Chain Sudoku got me thinking as well...
'according to what I understood', I was getting multiple solutions, so I'm not quite sure.

Overall, very nice set of puzzles... well done Ours Brun... eagerly waiting for the results :-)

Fred76 said...

Results are here :

Rohan Rao said...

I was right about Chain Sudoku with multiple solutions! :-)

I surprised myself with a podium finish!

Anonymous said...

Does anybody have a link to the puzzle booklet?

Jason said...

ADDITION to my earlier post: Now that the Chained Sudoku has been fixed (with the two extra digits), I think it's at least Good, possibly Great. :)

stigant -- I think we are LJ friends, send me your email or something and I can pass things along. I believe the good writer(s) of the tournament would be fine with that.