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Indian Sudoku Championship - Mock Test 13

The 13th Mock Test in preparation for the World Sudoku Championship 2010 was held on 21st February, 2010. It was organised by Tejal Phatak and me.

Download the Instruction Booklet
Download the Puzzle Booklet
Password is EnjoyTheSudokuMix!

The list of sudokus that appeared in the test are:

1. Odd-Even No Touch Sudoku
2. Even Product Frame Sudoku
3. Consecutive Sum Frame Sudoku
4. Irregular Kropki Sudoku
5. Extra-Region Quadro Sudoku
6. Outside Anti Knight Sudoku
7. Odd Multiplication Table Sudoku
8. Non-Consecutive Numeral Sudoku
9. Surprise Sudoku (Irregular Diagonal Windoku Sudoku)
10. Sequences Equal Sum Skyscraper Sudoku


1. Jan Mrozowski (Poland) - 910
2. Zafer Huseyin Ergan (Turkey) - 720
3. Jakub Ondrousek (Czech Republic) - 630
4. Jakub Hrazdira (Czech Republic) - 590
5. Gaurav Korde (India) - 570
6. Hideaki Jo (Japan) - 550
7. PupaMojaSliczna (Poland) - 480
8. Rishi Puri (India) - 470
9. Nikola Zivanovic (Serbia) - 460
10. Chen Chen (China) - 450

Indian participants

5. Gaurav Korde (India) - 570
8. Rishi Puri (India) - 470
11. Rajesh Kumar (India) - 420
21. Jaipal Reddy (India) - 270
28. Neeraj Mehrotra (India) - 190
32. Aditya Saraf (India) - 140
33. Akash Doulani (India) - 110
33. Abhishek Sharan (India) - 110
33. Sudhanshu (India) - 110
40. Poornima (India) - 80

There were totally 49 participants.
Congrats to everyone!

Thank You all for participating in the mock. I guess the puzzles were a little difficult, but I hope you enjoyed solving...

Looking forward to more in future :-)


Neeraj said...

looking forward for the mock............

Rohan Rao said...

Thats good!
Hope to see you and others this Sunday...

Rajesh Kumar said...

Nice Sudoku variations. Looking forward for this test on Sunday. I first Sudoku test this year.

adityasaraf007 said...

Looking forward to participate in the mock.

But there is one request. In the test booklest, please make the irregular region border and the consecutive bars more thick.

Rohan Rao said...

Thats good Rajesh, you need a small break from puzzles ;-)

Yes, PB images will be bigger and better :-)

sukvinder said...

would be taking the mock tomorrow.I have been solving the sudoku regularly but i would like to know how a sudoku is created if u can help pls

Rohan Rao said...

How was the mock?
A tough one I guess...

Please let me know your opinions and comments.

Jan Mrozowski said...

Almost all variants were very hard, but according to me the hardest task was Antiknight one (for only 90 points). I lacked a few seconds to finish puzzle and submit solution, but in this puzzle I had to guess sometimes. After the end of contest, I seeked logical way of solving, but I didn`t find it. :/

Rohan Rao said...

I have posted a logical way of solving Outside Anti Knight, I hope you will find it easy now ;-)