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Solutions of Mock Test 13 Puzzles

Here are the solutions of the 13th Mock Test puzzles that was organised by Tejal Phatak and me.

Odd-Even No Touch Sudoku

Even Product Frame Sudoku

Consecutive Sum Frame Sudoku

Irregular Kropki Sudoku

Extra-Region Quadro Sudoku

Outside Anti Knight Sudoku

Odd Multiplication Table

Non-Consecutive Numeral Sudoku

Surprise Sudoku (Irregular Windoku Diagonal Sudoku

Sequences Equal Sum Skyscrapers Sudoku

Many participants were interested in the Outside Anti Knight Sudoku (which also happens to be my personal favourite among the 10 sudokus) so I'm sharing the method of how to go about solving the puzzle.
This was the puzzle.

Using the basic Outside Sudoku rules, you should reach this stage.

Filling up the '9's in the 9th, 6th, 4th, 5th boxes (in order), enables you to fill up the '3' and '8' in the 4th row, followed by the '3' in the 5th box.

In the 2nd row, '9' can only be placed in R2C5, which gives you the '9' in the 8th box. If you observe R6C3, it has to be '2'! (I guess this is the opening point of the puzzle :-) ) Proceeding, R8C3, it has to be '8'.

R5C3 has to be '7' followed by R2C3 being '5'. Observing the centre box, you should be able to fill '2', '8' and '6' using basic rules.

Observing the 2nd column, you will get '1' in R6C2, followed by the '6' in the 4th box. Observing the 7th row, you will get '6' in R7C7.

Observing the 1st box, '6' has to be in R2C2, and then you should be able to complete the 2nd row.

Using Anti Knight rule in the 6th box, the '2' and '7' is obtained. Using basic rules, you will get the '3's in the 9th and 8th boxes.

Using Anti Knight rule in the 8th box, the '2' and '7' is obtained, which will give you the '2's in the 7th and 9th boxes. Observing the 8th row, '7' has to be in R8C2, which will give you the '7' in the 9th box too.

'8' cannot be placed in R7C9 due to the positions of '8' in the 6th box. Hence R7C9 is '5'. Observing the 5th column, '5' has to be in R4C5. Solving the last two columns should get you here.

Using Anti Knight rule in the 5th box, R4C6 cannot be '1'. Hence, it is '4'. Using Anti Knight rule in the 3rd box, R3C7 cannot be '5'. Hence it is '7'. Solving the 1st and 3rd rows should get you here.

'8' has to be placed in R1C4 in the 2nd box. Using Anti Knight rule in the 3rd row (by the centre '6'), '6' has to be in R3C8. Putting '5' in R8C1 by Outside rules should help you finish the puzzle :-)


Rohan Rao said...

I hope everything is clear :-)
You can ask me if you haven't understood anything.

Now that you've seen how to go about solving this sudoku logically, how do you find it?

Let me know your comments.

Psyho said...

The outside "3" at the bottom of the column 1 was missing, so that's why it turned out to be so hard :)

Anyway I'm curious about the solution for the multiplication sudoku - all I can get is lower right 3x3 corner (using the fact that most of the diagonal has to be even).


newpuzzles said...

Thanks for great puzzle. This particular puzzle I was not able to solve within time, wasted lot of time try solving this. Anyway I have not seen your solution yet and will try to solve it again.

Rohan Rao said...

Yes, I admit to the mistake in the Puzzle Booklet, though I wonder where the '3' went :|

Yes, it is very difficult without the '3', thats why Jan Mrozowski found it tough too! ;-)

L'ours said...

And so did I. It really was a tough puzzle. I will try the "easy" version soon...