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The First Official Sudoku Championship After World Sudoku Championship was held on 8th-9th May, 2010. The duration was 2hrs to be given at our own convenience.

It was organised by Fred Stalder.

Download Instruction Booklet
Download Puzzle Booklet
Password is t5f6s9c3a1w2s4c
Download Solution Booklet

The list of sudokus that appeared in the test are:

1. Multiplication Table Sudoku
2. Penta Special Sudoku
3. S As In Sudoku
4. Pantin Sudoku
5. Skyscraper Sudoku
6. Kropki Non-Consecutive Sudoku
7. Consecutive Sudoku
8. Classic Sudoku
9. Modulu 9 Neighbours Sudoku
10. Extra Region Sudoku
11. Odd-Even View Sudoku
12. Sequence Sudoku


1. Jakub Hrazdira (Czech Republic) - 1060
2. Sisi59 (France) - 1050
3. Vincent Bertrand (Belgium) - 1040
4. Rohan Rao (India) - 970
5. Nikola Zivanovic (Serbia) - 930
6. Branko Ceranic (Serbia) - 930
7. Farhan Hassin (Malaysia) - 930
8. Bingo () - 930
9. Claudine Thiry (Luxembourg) - 830
10. Wilbert Zwart (Netherlands) - 810

Indian participants

4. Rohan Rao (India) - 970
64. Anil Khosla (India) - 180

Complete Results

There were totally 80 participants.
Congrats to everyone!


Rohan Rao said...

Very nice puzzles Fred... I enjoyed the championship :-)

Nikola Živanović said...

I solved correctly the last puzzle - sequences, but I made the permutation sending the second code. So, I stupidly miss 160 points and first place.

Great puzzles and congrats to toppers!

Anonymous said...


Is it possible to obtain a puzzle booklet without signing up for Google docs?

I'm fed up registering for different websites.

David McNeill.

Fred76 said...

David, You can open puzzle booklet without any signing ! Just download booklet and copy the password (t5f6s9c3a1w2s4c) to open it. If you have a problem to open it, I can send it to you, but I haven't your mail address.


Rohan Rao said...

Thats really unfortunate Nikola.

This just proves the WSC rules (scoring area) made soo much sense! :-)

Anyway, I'm sure you won't the same mistake twice ;-)

Rohan Rao said...

I would've sent it to you if you're not able to open the PB, but I think you can take it from Fred since 'he's the man' ;-)