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Yin-Yang Variations Contest

A Yin-Yang Variations Contest was held on 26th February, 2011 from 16:00 - 18:00 GMT (21:30 - 23:30 IST).

The goal is to divide the given grid into two continuous areas - black and white. There cannot be 2x2 squares of the same colour. Black and white circles (if any) show the colour of their cell.

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Download Instruction Booklet
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Password is BW02diogen

All puzzles are variants of Black And White. You can solve some practise puzzles.
You can also view some Solving Techniques.


1. Jana Tylova (Czech Republic) - 95
2. Masashi Sakata (Japan) - 90
3. Hideaki Jo (Japan) - 89
4. Ruben Gafencu (Romania) - 69
5. Nikola Zivanovic (Serbia) - 58
6. Bastien Vial-Jaime (France) - 57
7. Yoichi Enta (Japan) - 56
8. Andrey Lemesh (Russia) - 44
8. Kota Morinishi (Japan) - 44
10. Rohan Rao (India) - 42

Best Indians

10. Rohan Rao - 42
16. Rakesh Rai - 28
24. Swaroop Guggilam - 9
24. Tejal Phatak - 9

Complete Results

Yin-Yang or Black And White is one of my favourite puzzles. The puzzles were very well made and it was worth spending 2hrs on these puzzles, even at midnight.


Anonymous said...

That was harddd

Rohan Rao said...

Yes it was quite difficult, especially for players who tried it for the 1st time.

L'ours said...

Since I started playing puzzles, I had barely solved 5 (easy) Yin-Yang puzzles before the test, so I wasn't too confident, but I am pretty satisfied with my result. Indeed it was difficult but I managed to concentrate enough to solve several hard and nice puzzles. After having been crushed by Melon's LMI test, it re-instilled in me a little self-esteem. There were some really interesting variations; in particular, I found the Tapa Yin-Yang very pleasant.
Hope to see another Yin-Yang variations contest some day.

Rohan Rao said...

You did really well considering you hadn't spent much time on it.
Shame on me!