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Solving Along The Lines: 'Singular Cells'

The best way to begin Along The Lines puzzles is by identifying 'Singular Cells', cells which can be touched by only one single clue, enabling you to draw a line from the clue to the cell.

Take a look at Puzzle No.30

Observe the two marked cells. R4C4 can be touched either by the '8' clue, or by the '3' clue. But R3C3 can only be touched by the '6' clue.

Hence we draw the line from the '6' clue to R3C3. Now observe R4C4, which was earlier not a singular cell.

R3C3 has become a singular cell since the '3' clue now cannot touch the cell. Hence it has to be touched by the '8' clue.

This is the best way to start and solve Along The Lines puzzles. In fact, many times you can solve the entire puzzle using this rule effectively.

Other Solving Techniques

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