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Logic Masters India - July 2011 Puzzle Test

Logic Masters India announces the July Puzzle Test 'Nikoli Selection 2'.
The author of the puzzles is Tom Collyer.

Championship Page
Download Instruction Booklet
Download Puzzle Booklet 1
Download Puzzle Booklet 2 (Marathon Puzzles)
Password is Fi3VenOcee

The list of puzzles that will appear in the test are:

1. Akari
2. Fillomino
3. Hashiwokakero
4. Heyawake
5. Hitori
6. Kakuro
8. Masyu
9. Numberlink
10. Nurikabe
11. Ripple Effect
12. Shikaku
13. Slitherlink
14. Sudoku
15. Suraromu
16. Yajilin


1. Hideaki Jo (Japan) - 492
2. Thomas Snyder (USA) - 431
3. Nagata Yuta (Japan) - 352
4. Jan Mrozowski (Poland) - 330
5. Tarotaro (Japan) - 320
6. Palmer Mebane (USA) - 315
7. Volxa (Japan) - 311
8. Kota Morinishi (Japan) - 310
9. Psyho (Poland) - 310
10. Jason Zuffranieri (USA) - 298

Best Indians

43. Rohan Rao - 215
84. Amit Sowani - 150
94. Rajesh Kumar - 140
100. Swaroop Guggilam - 130
115. Harmeet Singh - 105

Complete Results
There were totally 168 participants.

This is the second set of Nikoli Selection on LMI. Tom Collyer had authored Nikoli Selection 1 in October 2010.
You will find lots of practise puzzles on Tom Collyer's Blog 'Detuned Radio'

This test will be very similar to the previous one with the format and puzzles the same. Hopefully, it will be a better than last time :-)
Looking forward to this test and good luck to all participants!

Very nice set of puzzles! Enjoyed every one of them.
Slitherlink and Kakuro were well-constructed, I lost a little time in these two puzzles.
Hitori and Sudoku were easy.
Nurikabe is a puzzle that I struggle in very often, but this time, I got it fairly quick. I guess I'm making some progress.
Numberlink is always fun.
Suraromu! The exclamation says it all! This is my choice of the best puzzle of the set. Brilliantly thought and beautifully executed, perfect for a Suraromu puzzle. Being a little experienced, I quickly realised how the top-left corner would be with straight lines and the rest just followed.
This is the first time I solved a Yajilin puzzle in a contest!
Fillomino was tricky while Akari was simple.
Masyu was the puzzle that realised snatched my chances of finishing all the 16 main puzzles. I dont know how I went wrong, but I had to erase thrice.
Ripple Effect is very enjoyable to me, I like the concept a lot.
Hashi and Rectangles were both tricky, and had some nice solving steps.

I'll solve the marathon puzzles on another lazy Sunday evening.
Overall, a good contest, with some really good puzzles.

Congrats to Hideaki Jo, who finished all the 16 main puzzles and the 3 marathon puzzles! With WPC coming soon, players have already started to make a mark!

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