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Indian Puzzle Championship 2012

The Indian Puzzle Championship 2012, organised by Logic Masters India (LMI), was held on 3rd June, 2012 from 14:00-16:30. It will consist of one online round of 150 minutes (2.5 hours). Participation is free of cost and everyone is invited to participate in the event irrespective of age. There are no prerequisites/requirements for participation. Top competitors will represent India at the World Puzzle Championship 2012 which will be held in Croatia in October, 2012.

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For any doubts/queries, you may post in the IPC 2012 Forum

The list of classic puzzles that will appear in the contest are:

Easy As ABC
Loop Finder
Square Division
Star Battle

30 puzzles. 150 minutes. Knowing it is a national championship, I did not expect the puzzles to be of the 'very tough' types. I was quite comfortable with all the puzzle types and the set had a good mix with a wide variety of classic puzzles as well as variants.

Having a wild card for the Indian team at the WPC this year, I was a little more relaxed than the last couple of years. Yet, I wanted to make sure I finish in the top 4 just to make my wild card look deserving :-)

The puzzles were fantastic. I don't expect (and neither does anyone else) anything less from Deb. Some of my favourite puzzles are: Inside Skyscrapers, Coded TomTom, Battleships 2, Coloured Star Battle, Tapa Borders and Masyu.
Thumbs up to Deb and the other authors (Palmer Mebane, Serkan Yurekli and Thomas Snyder) for designing such beautiful puzzles. Thanks to Deb and team (and testers Branko Ceranic and Nikola Zivanovic) for organising a smooth and successful championship.

(You can now rate the puzzles on the webpage)


1. Rohan Rao - 955
2. Prasanna Seshadri - 790
3. Amit Sowani - 750
4. Rakesh Rai - 625
5. Swaroop Guggilam - 615
6. Harmeet Singh - 575
7. Rajesh Kumar - 500
8. Rajib Ranjan Borah - 490
9. Sudhanshu Mittal - 460
10. Puneet Goenka - 460

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(You can also play a quick and interesting game on the webpage, of guessing which puzzle was created by which author!)

I won my 3rd IPC title (in a row!) and it feels great to complete the hat-trick :-)
Congrats to Prasanna, Amit and Rakesh.

I had a couple of stumbles while solving and adding to the national championship pressure, I'm still a little disappointed at not being able to complete the set. I had ample time but I missed out on one puzzle and a perfect 1000 score was surely achievable. Anyway, I did well enough to win :-)

Commendable performance by Prasanna who has improved a lot over the last few months. Nice to see Amit back after a long time. Rakesh has always been one of the most consistent top Indian performers in puzzle championships and I'm happy with this team, probably one of the best India have had in recent years.

Swaroop Guggilam was very close behind Rakesh and missed the top 4 by just 10 points. Its unfortunate to see Rajesh at a low 7th who has regularly been representing India at the WPC last 10yrs.

Lets hope the team can make it to Croatia in October and perform well! :-)

Once again congrats to the toppers, all the participants and Deb Mohanty (and the organisers, authors and testers) for conducting a successful IPC 2012 and hope to see you all at the Indian Sudoku Championship 2012 (Coming Soon...!)

Logic Masters India - May 2012 Puzzle Test

Logic Masters India announces the May 2012 Puzzle Test 'No Numbers'. It will be held from 26th-28th May, 2012.
The author of the puzzles is Ko Okamoto.

Championship Page
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Password will be available when you start the test.

A lot of new puzzle types (probably all?) in this test. Many of you may not be familiar/comfortable with some of the puzzles, so below are some practise puzzles (apart from the puzzles in the IB) created by some of my puzzle friends.

Bram De Laat's Practise Puzzles 1
Bram De Laat's Practise Puzzles 2

Prasanna Seshadri's Practise Puzzles 1
Prasanna Seshadri's Practise Puzzles 2
Prasanna Seshadri's Practise Puzzles 3

Swaroop Guggilam's Practise Puzzles 1
Swaroop Guggilam's Practise Puzzles 2

It is worth trying out some of these puzzles, it would only help in you being better prepared for the test.

The No Numbers Loop looks like a tough one (especially considering its high points). Synchronized Maze and Trio Cut are my favourite of the set.

Good Luck to all participants!