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Indian Puzzle Championship 2009

Indian Puzzle Championship 2009
All resident Indian nationals, irrespective of age, can participate in Indian Puzzle Championship. The Championship was an online test on October 4th, 2009. The puzzle-solving skills of contestants was tested using different puzzle variations which appear in the WPCs. Top rankers at the Indian Puzzle Championship will be eligible to represent India at the World Puzzle Championship to be held in Antalya, Turkey in November 2009.

Rules and Regulations
Open for All Indian and Foreign Nationals. Only Participants of Indian Origin will be considered for the Indian Puzzle Team to represent India at the WPC. Ranking will be done on the basis of total score. Ties will be broken using the following rules in order:
Fewest number of incorrect answers (blank answers are ignored)
Earliest time stamp

External help of any kind is not permitted. This means no assistance of any kind from any other person, also any books, calculators, computers or tools other than the items explicitly permitted. Writing instruments of any shape or design, erasers, rulers and paper are allowed. All scores are subject to review compliance for rules. The organizers reserve the right to disqualify any contestant if in their sole judgment they believe that the rules have been violated.

Championship Timing
The Championship was held from 14:00 hrs IST (08:30GMT). It was of 2.5 hours.

Official Website: Logic Masters India

Download Instruction Booklet
Download Puzzle Booklet
Password is cU4bIPunEv
Download Solution Booklet

The list of puzzles that appeared in the championship are:

1. Trid
2. Polygraph
3. 4x4 Minesweeper
4. Comet
5. Ikebana
6. Word Search
7. Mirror Image
8. Dominos
9. Magnets
10. Missing Digit Kakuro
11. Direct Turn Loop
12. No Four In A Row
13. Easy As ABCD
14. Ripple Effect
15. Sparse Skyscraper
16. Tiger In The Woods
17. Classic Sudoku
18. Kropki Sudoku
19. Hitori
20. Mastermind
21. Spiral Galaxies
22. Elastic Bands
23. Triangle Count
24. LMI Cut
25. Vista


1. Rajesh Kumar - 700
2. Rohan Rao - 670
3. Puneet Goenka - 570
4. Rakesh Rai - 500
5. Jaipal Reddy - 495
6. Himanshu Mittal - 495
7. Gaurav Korde - 460
8. Harmeet Singh - 440
9. Tejal Phatak - 335
10. Aakash Doulani - 230

Complete Results

There were totally 33 participants.
Congrats to everyone!