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Indian Sudoku Championship - Mock Test 19

The 19th Mock Test in preparation for the World Sudoku Championship 2010 was held on 4th April, 2010. The mock test started at 20:00 IST (14:30 GMT) on 3rd April and it was open for 24hrs.
It was organised by Neetu Puri and Rishi Puri.

Download Instruction Booklet
Download Puzzle Booklet
Password is rnp19HM

The list of sudokus that appeared in the test are:

1. Classic Sudoku
2. Magic Square Sudoku
3. Consecutive Sudoku
4. XV Sudoku
5. Windoku
6. Kropki Sudoku
7. Sequence Suduko
8. Diagonal Inequality Sudoku
9. Irregular Anti Knight Sudoku
10. Non-Consecutive Killer Sudoku


Due to some server problems, the results of Mock Test 19 have unfortunately been lost.
Read Forum for more details.


Rohan Rao said...

I missed this mock. Its the 1st mock I've missed this year.

Anyway, I saw the puzzles later and quite liked them :-)

Good job Neetu and Rishi... keep up the good team-work ;-)

JZ said...

They were fun puzzles, although having two puzzles with multiple solutions is uncharacteristically sloppy. But I thank Neetu and Rishi for putting the round together.

I wonder, are the results going to be published?

Rohan Rao said...

The Logic Masters India website had some server problem due to which the scores of MT 19 were unfortunately lost.

So, no results :(

For your information, this was the 1st mock I didnt participate in. Maybe thats why the results vanished ;-)

shopaholic said...

or maybe results are lost because for the first time I ranked in the first 10 positions......... :-(