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Article on 'Toughest Sudoku' in Mirror Newspaper

There is a one-page article on Arta Inkala's 'Toughest Sudoku' in Mumbai Mirror on 20th August, 2010. I had given it a shot last night and was able to solve it in 21 minutes using guesswork. His challenge to everyone is to find a logical path of solving it, which he says can take weeks! I had given my views and feedback.

You can read the article from the e-paper links:
Mumbai Mirror (20th August, 2010)
Pune Mirror (21st August, 2010)
Bangalore Mirror (23rd August, 2010)


Rohan Rao said...

Have a try at the sudoku.
Share your timings after solving it.

Mehul said...

it was good feat. Took little time to solve is of half hour..and congrats rohan rao..

Anonymous said...

I think it is impossible to solve it by logic. And the rumours about solving it logicly within weeks is quite silly. What do you think about it ?

Rohan Rao said...

Thanks Mehul.

I, too, don't think its possible to solve without guesswork. Very improbable.

Rajesh Kumar said...

Congrats Rohan!

Links for Pune and Bangalore Mirror needs to be corrected. You can check at my blog for correct links.

Deb said...

It all depends upon what one means by "logic".
If one has to foresee 8 to 9 steps at a time, that is not "logic" to me.

Mehul said...

i think guess work is best bcoz logically its nt possible.. And hi rohan wer r u frm??

Rajesh Kumar said...


you are right Deb, if one has to oversee 8 to 9 steps, it is not a logical puzzle.

I don't like to solve puzzle which require lot of guess work.