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Logic Masters India - Screen Test 2

Logic Masters India announces the second edition of Screen Test. It will be held on 1st-4th November.

I authored last year's Screen Test 1 with Deb Mohanty. This year, I authored it alone. I learnt a lot from last year and was quite happy with the response. I'm hoping this time it turns out to be better and bigger since there are some changes that have been made based on the feedback.

Championship Page
Download Screen Test Guide

For new-comers as well as regulars, it is very important to read through the Screen Test Guide and go through the examples on the webpage before starting the test to have maximum benefit of the system.

You may ask any queries on the forum or here.

I hope you enjoy the puzzles and relish the 35-minute puzzle-ride!


jaesmin100 said...

Thanks Sway, I like puzzle toddler puzzl,ebaby puzzle, this puzzle too as it needs logical thinking to be able to complete. Will you be trying this out on your pupils?

please follow this link

Deb said...